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Imagine is a non-profit corporation created to help fund the music departments of Clark County Schools in Las Vegas.

In the current economic climate in our city, as in most cities; when budgets are being trimmed and/or cut, the funds for the arts are oftentimes the first to be cut or completely eliminated. Most public schools have the grand challenge of thinking outside the box on a regular basis in order to keep the art programs alive for their students, let alone in an economic downturn. We feel the need as a community to reach out to these kids to make sure they are able to keep these programs intact. One of the ways Imagine is helping these students is to hold a musical event once a year to showcase local talent as well as bring in some well-known acts and ask for gently used or new instruments as well as monetary donations to benefit schools around the Las Vegas Valley. Imagine is now a 501 (c) (3) NP corporation which allows for federal tax exemption, enabling us to obtain larger donations which translate to more support for our kids. We believe every child should have the opportunity to follow their passion and Imagine is here to help with that. The support from our community as well as the Las Vegas music community has been nothing short of magical! We look forward to the growth of Imagine and God willing, hopefully other communities will follow suit … Imagine that!